Feb 13

SXSW Interactive survival tips for first timers

Time flies! I can’t believe SXSW Interactive is upon us. Time to start packing! If this is your first time attending SXSW, checkout the following tips on what to expect as well as recommendations on SXSW survival gear.


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Jan 13

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Pros

It’s the start of another year, and for us marketers it means new goals, new budgets and a slew of new projects. We work in a fast-paced industry – get it done and move on to the next item on the forever-growing to-do list. Perfection? Sadly there’s no time for it. WHAT SHALL WE DO?! We stop.

We take a moment to welcome the new year with a bit of self-reflection. Ah! A much needed break from the “git er done” mentality. We ask ourselves, “How can I be a better marketing professional in 2013?” Continue reading →

Oct 12

Curacao – A Travel Review

David, my taller half, and I were craving an adventure this past April.  So we jumped on a plane and made our way to the southern Caribbean to a small island named Curacao.   We’re big fans of  traveling off the beaten path, and having spent countless hours researching this whim on TripAdvisor,  we decided that Curacao was totally up our alley. (It was also well within our budget – Last minute tickets were no more than $200 per person from MIA and accommodations were relatively cheap.)

Bon bini!

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Oct 12

Day 6: She’s back

Ever wake up with that feeling like something has to change? I woke up in that kind of mood today.


Oct 12

Day 5: Is this really copyright infringement, YouTube?

Newsflash: The interwebs are running amuck!  Apparently, YouTube’s proprietary content ID system has been acting glitchy by flagging videos that are well within copyright guidelines. Don’t believe me? Just ask Michelle Obama. Her DNC speech was blocked for alleged copyright infringement. Obviously, this is a big glitch and if you ask me the robots impeding on our freedom of speech. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Day 4: You Can Haz Cat – Cute Animal Photographs Lead to Productivity

Guess what? Scientists in Japan have confirmed that time spent in the workplace looking at baby cat photographs actually increases productivity.  Seriously.

Business Cat Meme

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Oct 12

Day 3: You can’t be a hardcore stoic and tweet like a 19-year-old emo kid

In my previous life, I had the opportunity to write social media content for a well-known consumer brand mascot. Let’s just say he was a bird who sold pickles, and his name rhymes with “classic dork” – totally up my alley, huh? I was tasked with breathing life into a fictional character via Facebook and Twitter updates, while maintaining brand guidelines and pre-determined archetypal parameters. (Archetypal – didn’t know that was a real word until now, hooray for taking chances!) The biggest challenge I faced was: “How do I create content that sticks, sells a product and engages a mass audience? (Sorry just took a moment to sing the Law & Order SVU theme song. Yes. I said sing. And now back to this blog post.) Continue reading →

Oct 12

Day 2: Editorial Calendar and Other Shenanigans

So it’s day two of the SMCSF 30 day blogging challenge and so far so good. I thought I’d take the opportunity and discuss the “durn editorial calendar” – as called by the infamous Babushka!  In yesterday’s post, I discussed quick and easy ways to create a content strategy. Continue reading →

Oct 12

Day 1: What the BLEEP should I blog about?

Thanks to my peeps at Social Media Club South Florida, I decided to participate in the 30 day blogging challenge.  As a social media pro, I’ve managed blogs for clients and employers, but perhaps it’s finally time for me to have a blog of my own! Deep breath. Here. I. Go.

As I sat down to draft my first post, the million dollar question hit me: What the BLEEP should I blog about?  The weather? My favorite recipes? Truth is I suck at small talk and I can’t cook.  And then it hit me like pissed-off mama bear: my first blog post should be about content strategy.  Ah yes, content strategy!

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